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"To tell you the truth I'm not a big fan of subscription websites, but Meal Garden is an exception. It's so convenient to have all my recipes available anywhere, with accurate dietary information "

- User since August 2015

“The site is really beautiful! I've looked at a lot of the recipes and love how easy they look and minimal ingredients used."


- User since April 2016


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What is Meal Garden?

Meal Garden takes meal planning and automatic grocery list generation to a healthier level – all science, no fuss.

  • Find/import recipes with full nutritional analysis (even the ones you import!)
  • Schedule meals to your calendar, get organized for the week.
  • Never write a grocery list again - let Meal Garden do it for you.

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Track Your Macronutrients

Whatever your health goals are, Meal Garden lets you create a fully customized meal plan with a full nutritional analysis.

See how easy it is to track your weekly nutritional data.

We make tracking your nutrition remarkably smart - take advantage to stay organized and on your path to success today.

The Meal Garden tool is free!

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Whether you're tracking your net carbs, fat or protein intake, Meal Garden makes it super simple for you.

Don't put this off any longer. Stop guessing what you're eating. Start knowing.