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Healthy, mom-focused recipes - and everything you need to bring them to life.

Take the work out of eating healthy.

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We've been busy collaborating with nutritionists, culinary experts, and regular moms - just like you - to bring you what you ACTUALLY need. Recipes, meal plans, and guides to suit your new lifestyle.

This bundle is an ever-growing collection of resources that will help you nourish yourself with healthy, easy-to-make foods during this oh-so-important stage of life.

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I love bookmarking healthy recipes – but with no real plan to bring them to life, they always just sat on my computer.  Since joining Meal Garden, I’ve been actually making healthy and delicious recipes with minimal time and stress. The centralized recipe location, the easy-to-read health meter, and the grocery list functionality, have all been game changers for me!

Karen Davey of Mommy Connections West Toronto

I LOVE the scheduling part which lets me plan meals and then pull a shopping list.